Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The CarrySpeed Camera Sling

Looking for an over the shoulder camera strap, I found a YouTube video on a product called the Carry Speed Sling Strap. The video was by the designer of the strap, Tim Xtu, explaining its design and demonstrating the functionality and ease of use. Impressed, I immediately ordered off the Carry Speed web site, the Carry Speed Pro F1 model sling strap. Packaging can say a lot about the quality of the product inside and this was no exception.

The shoulder strap is sufficient in length and the shoulder pad is made of an extra wide soft, non-slip, stretchy neoprene material that flexes and provides ultimate comfort.  

A pair of secure three button snap buckles connects the shoulder pad to the camera strap and this three-button design prevents any accidental release.
At the business end of the camera strap is an ARCA Swiss quick release swivel. Mounted to the camera is a foldable mounting plate that utilizes the tripod hole on the camera for attachment.

This mounting plate is drilled and tapped in multiple locations around the plate to accommodate a tripod quick mount as well the male side of the ARCA quick release mounted on a folding plate. 

The design and layout of the foldable mounting, unlike a knob type connection, allows for easy storage in the camera bag without the need of removal. Also included with the kit is a second strap designed to support long telephoto lens, a hand strap and an allen wrench used to tighten the connecting screw of the mounting plate to the camera body.

With the use of the provided allen wrench, assembly took all of about two minutes to position and attach the mounting plate to the camera body. However, should you ever misplace the allen wrench, the mounting screw is slotted and will accommodate the edge of a dime, penny, or slot blade screw driver.

The shoulder strap attaches to the camera mounting plate via the secure ARCA Swiss quick release. After a few adjustments made to the shoulder strap, my camera was comfortably resting at my hip thanks to the mounting plate 
and offset design.

With comfort, functionality and ease of use being my prime considerations for a camera strap, I put this Carry Speed sling through its paces, shooting three long days  at the AMA Pro Roadracing / Triumph Big Kahuna Superbike series at the NOLA Motorsports Park in New Orleans. Comfort  is delivered via the extra wide neoprene shoulder pad. With its stretching properties, the shoulder pad absorbed the shock from the weight of my camera equipment when I moved from place to place in a fast walk and often slow jog and as a result, I experienced no shoulder fatigue. 

Functionality came in the form of a simple yet brilliantly thought of slip ring through which the camera strap passed. This slip ring enabled me to draw my camera from its resting position at my side up to a shooting position in seconds while the sling strap with the no slip pad stayed in place. 

When finished shooting, I am able to return the camera back to that comfortable position at my side thanks to an adjustable slide block on the strap.

Though it did not come into play during my shoot at NOLA, ease of use can be found in a front quick adjust ring. With this ring, by pulling down on it, you can quickly adjust the resting height of your camera, temporarily getting it up and out of the way if necessary.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the well thought out and engineered Carry Speed Pro FS1 camera sling.  I would without hesitation highly recommend this product to anyone that carries a larger body camera regardless if you are a professional photographer or an amateur. For more detailed information and to order your CarrySpeed Sling Strap, go to

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