Monday, March 30, 2020

  Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally
April 29th thru May 3rd 2020
has been postponed


The China Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making war on our great nation but together, we will be victorious and we will defeat it. The President and his Administration are doing all that they can to get ahead of this disease but they cannot do it alone. We as a nation must do our part and adhere to the CDC  guidelines found HERE, on how best to prevent you from becoming infected and if infected how to prevent the spread of this virus to others.

Thunder Beach Spring 2020 as you probably know by now has been postponed for 6 months and for complete details of the postponement

Let us pray as a nation for all of those that have lost their lives to this terrible disease and for those that are currently infected or may become infected. Let us also pray for all of our government officials either local or national, that they will make their decisions with our best interest in mind and not just for their own.

Thank you for your continued support of the Thunder Beach Rally and of JoeRides.
In the meantime, ride safe and stay healthy.
We look forward to shooting you
October 21st thru - October 25th 2020.

Joe Rides


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